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How does distance energy healing work? How can you heal my child without even seeing them, or being in the same room/city/country as them?


Firstly, energy knows no barriers of distance. It does not work within the paradigms of time and space that we understand from our usual perspective. It doesn’t start in one place and end in another.


Energy is non-spacial. We live in a world with a dominant perspective that is conditional and dual. We see time as being linear, i.e. only ever moving in one direction which is forwards. This keeps us fully engaged with the physical world however it also limits our ability to see beyond time and into a more expansive, non-linear perspective. The linear model is ultimately an illusion which quantum physics has proven time and time again. Time is not fixed, nor is it only moving in one direction. Everything is happening at once and so the past and future dissolve into one present moment. Transcending this illusion is easier said than done and involves a deeper level of awakening within a person where they start to appreciate themselves as a multi-dimensional being.


Energy healing is done with this expanded perception, which is something that is now a ‘reality’ for the healer. The limited constructs of time and space are no longer being used, instead, the ‘reality’ that we are interconnected across all time and space forms the dominant paradigm, enabling healings to occur that aren’t subject to time and space.


At the end of the day, understanding how something works can be secondary when we actually just start to accept that it does. Just as a child can turn on a light switch and harness the benefits of electricity whilst not understanding it, so too can we harness the power of energy healing without needing to have a full understanding for why it works. It just does.

One thing to remember though is that our beliefs are highly crucial to the reality in which we create. If we have a very strong belief that energy healing won’t work, it makes it far more difficult (although not impossible) to receive the benefits of this kind of healing. That’s why it is so different working with children – they are often less enmeshed in the dual linear perception of time and space, which is something that ‘solidifies’ the older a child gets. This means that they are often very open and receptive to energy healing.


What is the purpose of your daily energy healings in the programs?


Along with the fully documented Body Code sessions done weekly I also do daily energy healings for all the children in my program.  This is done intuitively using a combination of techniques I have developed over several years such as Pranic Healing and Crystal Healing and is specifically tailored to your child’s needs.  It is done remotely and there is no documentation for this because it often doesn’t make much sense logically to explain what is being done.  The purpose of these daily sessions is to ensure that a child’s energy body remains clear and balanced to allow them to assimilate the healings they receive each week.  Each Intuitive Body Code session creates massive energetic change for your child and by checking in with them daily I can spot any issues that need to be addressed to allow them to receive the greatest possible results from my work.


Is energy healing safe?


Yes! I am identifying and released trapped emotional energy that is toxic to your child and also removing blockages to the free flowing of life force energy (or chi) within your child’s body.  This seeks only to support them to become more of themselves and does not ‘take’ anything from them that belongs to them or makes them who they are.


Your child’s Soul essence is what makes them who they are, trapped energies actually interfere with their Soul’s ability to fully express itself and so the work I do allows your child to feel more grounded, centered and in touch with their innate sense of self.


My work is 100% heart-centered and I use my intention of releasing anything that is not for your child’s highest good (as determined by their Higher self) and supporting them in becoming more at peace and connected to themselves and those around them.  It is a non-invasive, effective and completely safe form of healing which is what makes it so perfect for young children.


How soon will I notice results?


As with all forms of healing, the results are unique to each and every child.  Parents who have used my programs to help their children in the past have commented that they noticed positive change very early on, often after just one session.  They have said that there have been noticeable subtle changes that have taken them by surprise, such as an increased awareness of the effects of their behaviour, increased kindness and more loving expression. They have said that the results were even more noticeable over time, where they have witnessed their child relax and start to open up and enjoy life more, making connections with others more easily and letting go of the need to try and control situations.


How long will the results last for?

Will I need to come back and do this program for my child again in a years time?


The beneficial results that a child receives through my program is often long-lasting and all emotional toxicity that is released is permanent.  In the program I recommend certain practices to help build up a child’s sense of self-esteem and self-worth to help create more positive perspectives of seeing the world. If a child isn’t supported in creating more empowered ways of coping with the stresses and triggers in their life it is possible that they can start to slowly accumulate more trapped emotional energy which over time will have a negative impact on their life.


I will recommend specific practices for you to implement with your child as part of their daily routine, which if followed will support them in developing a positive and enthusiastic attitude about life. One of the tools is my Daily Guidance Cards which are given to every child who takes part in one of my programs, which are a fun way for parent and child to connect. After a child has completed my program they rarely have the need for any follow up work.