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A Transformational Healing Program for Mother & Child



If you are wanting to let go of the anger, the frustration, the resentment and the worry that comes with trying to raise a sensitive child then you will be forever changed by the healing that occurs within this program.


This intensive program is perfect for facilitating deep transformational change and healing for the mother & child. Whilst I focus on releasing the trapped emotional energy of past experiences that may be weighing heavy on a child’s heart, addressing a wide range of issues such as anger outbursts, food sensitivities and sleep difficulties, the mother will also receive the support she needs to be able to let go of the burdens and beliefs that have been holding her back.


When a mother and child heal together, deep transformation occurs. The issues that were once so challenging and frustrating to a mother no longer hold the same sting when she is able to see the patterns that have created this underlying frustration. She will find that once she unlocks these patterns she is free to truly thrive on her parenting journey.


What does it include?


This program is for sensitive children between the ages of 1 and 17 and has been created to meet

their unique needs which are identified in the initial Wellness Assessment. Your child may benefit if

they are currently facing any of these issues:


• Children’s Wellness Assessment identifying the main areas of imbalance in your child’s body.

• 2 x Children’s Body Code sessions, conducted remotely & fully documented.

• 14 days of energetic balancing for you & your child through a unique transformational, non-invasive process.

• Daily Guidance Cards for Children plus ‘I Am Enough’ Affirmation Card– to use with your child to support connection
   and healthy self-esteem.

• Two unique custom blends of high quality essential oils, flower essences and liquid crystals specifically chosen to support
   both mother & child’s emotional wellbeing.

• 3 x Adult Body Code Sessions to help a mother to heal from emotional trauma & break through negative blocks and  
   limiting beliefs.

• Hard copy of Enlightenment on Toast – Bridging the Gap Between Parenting & Spirituality.

• Email support Monday – Friday over a 4 week period.



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