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"I'm not sure that words can properly describe the profound changes that have happened for our young boy and also myself during and after seeing Carrie for the Happy Child program! We have a happy and much calmer 8 year old boy. He is having fun now and a lot less frustration. His connection with everyone around him has improved greatly. Especially with his Dad, which is so good to see. For myself, I felt a great sense of expanded awareness after the first session which was quite profound and unexpected! Before seeing Carrie, I had a growing understanding of spirituality (our inner world that we co-create) but now I have a much deeper inner knowing which is growing stronger daily and I absolutely love it! We are letting everything settle into this new way of being and then we will start testing out the intolerances that Carrie has removed many trapped emotions for. I will then post another review. I can't recommend Carrie's Happy Child program enough. Carrie has such a genuinely warm, kind hearted and fun spirit!"


- J. M., Brisbane, Australia.



Dear Carrie, I just wanted to thank you so whole heartedly for the changes I have observed in my little man after only a few sessions. Having suffered separation anxiety at a young age, his behaviour became introverted and unpredictable. We saw 2 different behavioural psychologists but nothing changed - until now. With your help, he has settled and started blossoming with a calm self-confidence and renewed positivity. I fully endorse and recommend your amazing abilities. Thank you from the bottom of my heart xx


- A.T., Brisbane, Australia.



"I will be the first to admit that I do not quite understand what it is that Carrie does, all I do know is that it works. Carrie has helped us at 2 different times in my son’s life with 2 very different issues. When he was 2 he had a mysterious rash on his face that no doctor could get rid of, after trying all sort of creams and medications with no success Carrie was recommended to us, she told us straight away what the problem was and within days the rash was gone. It’s 2 years later we have never seen even the hint of it again.

More recently we contacted Carrie with regards to my son grinding his teeth when he slept which was leading to restless nights & tired, cranky days. Again medical/dental advice about the problem had gotten us nowhere but Carrie worked out what the problem was the same afternoon that I contacted her and talked us through some possible remedies. It is several weeks on and I have not heard any teeth grinding and he is a different boy, controlling his anger and frustrations much better. I cannot recommend Carrie highly enough & will absolutely be using her services again should the need arise with my kids".


- S Bourne, Brisbane, Australia.



I'm always open to alternative treatments but was a little sceptical... I can say with absolute certainty that the amazing lady (Carrie Antoniou) who runs this business has sorted out my little girls problem with teeth brushing. Now to anyone who hasn't witnessed what I have had to endure for two and a half years won't appreciate how big a deal this is. My daughter has screamed beyond hysterically (in terror/anger), spat toothpaste everywhere, fought and sobbed... twice a day... for two years. We fall out twice a day over this. Sometimes she has made herself heave so much, to try and avoid having her teeth brushed, that she has vomited. It had become a total phobia, stemming from a time when she had sores in her mouth through being poorly. I had tried every bribe, sticker, toothpaste and flashing lights toothbrush going. My little girl who is normally so good, just changed when it came to teeth brushing. It has been so upsetting and difficult. I am 4 days in to Carries treatment and twice today she has opened her mouth and let me just brush! No crying, screaming, spitting... she sat on my knee and we just chatted whilst I brushed!  I am telling any mums out there who have similar type issues this does work!!! Total life saver and just wonderful to have my girl happy!


- D Banasko, United Kingdom.



I am very thankful to have found Carrie and her amazing energy healing! Our 9 year old son had an intolerance to dairy and a few other foods, which caused brain fog and attention problems. After the Emotion/Body Code sessions with Carrie, he is no longer reacting to dairy, sweet potato and rice which is excellent! Then we had some sessions for our 13 year old daughter. These sessions helped her to relax around her school classmates and find a group of friends who she feels very connected to. Also she feels much more connected to Australia and not yearning to live in England with her Grandparents all the time. She's much more settled generally and this happened soon after the sessions with Carrie. Thank you so much Carrie for your wonderful work xxx


- J.M., Brisbane, Australia.



My son was diagnosed with multiple allergies at the age of five years including anaphylaxis for Peanuts and Shellfish.  After a number of years of visiting specialists with the same outcome after each allergy test we decided to seek alternative actions.

We sought Carrie’s assistance with energy healing and I asked her to please work with my son with his peanut allergy to start with.  After the second visit back to the specialist after Carrie completed her sessions, not only did his peanut test come up negative, all his nut allergies came back negative.

My son is now able to smile again, go to school and visit places without the fear of having a reaction.

I highly recommend Carrie’s practice and services she has on offer.


- T.O., Brisbane, Australia.



I would like to thank Carrie for her help with my two daughters. I first contacted Carrie about my daughter who has an undiagnosed disability. She was quite a fearful little girl and I have done many other healing modalities with her, but when Carrie started the Emotion code on her, we saw changes in the first week. Carrie was very easy to talk to even in her very busy home life and she was an empathic person to our story. I did not feel at all worried telling her our story as there has been a lot of challenges to overcome and I also carried a lot of guilt about what sort of parent I had been. Her dedication to healing children and women is a great asset to this world and once you go through her cards she has designed you will also learn to love your inner child and see that your inner child has to heal and feel loved and supported as well as your children.


- Nancy Dent, Queensland, Australia



“I want to express my immense gratitude to you and the amazing work you do. I would like to share the healing work you've done for my little girl (6 years old) that had developed a nasty and ugly rash in few parts of her body. Although we used few different natural remedies to sooth her huge discomfort, I knew we had to tackle the cause and not focus on the symptoms, and that was when I contacted you Carrie.

She had the first healing session where that was a lot of emotional release from her own perceptions of the world and release of emotional baggage absorbed from outside influences. A few days after her first session, her skin started to clear and the acute itchiness starts to reduce. On the second healing session, you addressed the intolerance to wheat through energetic clearing work. A few days after her second session, all the symptoms disappeared just like ‘magic’! It has been 6 weeks since then and I am confident that these allergies and intolerances won’t come back. We healed the cause!! Your work is a true gift to children and to the world!”


- F Bullara, Brisbane, Australia



I have suffered from dairy intolerance for most of my life - since before it was fashionable.  For years I persevered eating dairy & eventually had to give it up all together. I tried acupuncture, gastroenterologists, naturopaths & healers as I always felt that this would not be forever.  I even studied herbal medicine myself.  Eventually I admitted defeat and just gave up leaving dairy behind forever. When I heard of Carrie I was guided to try just once more and Carrie was able to do a session with me remotely (I live in Melbourne).  One session and the very next day I hesitantly tried a cheese and tomato toastie & OMG - no bloating, no flu like symptoms & no pain.  I was BLOWN away and so very happy! I did a second session with Carrie as after the dairy intolerance cleared there were some others to address - I had no hesitation here knowing the miracles she worked.  Three weeks later I no longer worry about asking for dairy free and I delight in all the delicious foods now available to me. During my sessions with Carrie I felt lovingly supported, she was empathetic, wise and showed a great deal of passion for her work.  And so it appears my intuition was right, I was not to be intolerant to dairy forever -  If you suffer from food intolerance don't hesitate - book a session with Carrie before she is too busy to take clients!  Carrie is THE Healer to see when it comes to food intolerance - with 100% satisfaction!  I have my life back!  Thank you Carrie!


- R Johnson, Melbourne, Australia



Before starting Carrie’s Daydreamer 2 Week Program my son had separation anxiety and refused to go to school.  The peace that descended on my household during the program was incredible.  I started to accept his challenges rather than trying to fight him. All his little life I have felt the need to control his emotions. When Carrie did her first assessment I had a greater understanding into my son’s world and felt nothing but compassion for him.

The biggest transformation after taking part in the Daydreamer program was that physically the spark came back to his eyes and he now smiles more.  Emotionally there is a peace around him that hasn't been with him for a long, long time. I feel that Carrie has freed him from his pain and suffering which has also healed me from mine. What an emotional journey for us both!

He now goes to school without a fight, he can tolerate clothing which he is highly sensitive to and he is even talking about trying new foods which normally cause him distress and anxiety.  I would definitely recommend Carrie’s healing program to other mums.


- C Odley, Wales, United Kingdom.



I honestly don’t know what to say or how to explain the profound difference I see in my little 4 year old man and myself since embarking on a ‘Leap of Faith’ with Carrie. I have gone from being a parent, who as awful as it may sound, truly felt parenting was an IMPOSSIBLE task, which brought nothing but frustration, resentment and needed far too much patience than I had. It was far from the experience that friends and family talked about and it was nothing I could have imagined if I tried. We were simply surviving one heartbreaking day after the next.


Intuitively I always felt ‘something’ was not right, no matter how many professionals told me, my son would, ‘grow out of it’ or it was just ‘spirited personality’.  After exhausting what seemed like all possible parenting strategies, dietary and health issues I turned to energetic help. I would have turned there sooner, but I just knew my son wouldn't be able to sit or lie still for 30 mins whilst energy work was completed. The idea that Carrie’s work would be done remotely, was a revelation. I rang and spoke to Carrie and I was brutally honest about how I felt and what our 4 year old’s behaviour was like. I was really looking for a miracle by this stage.  Carrie was completely non-judgemental, warm and caring in her response to our painful journey. She assured me and my husband that she could help, so we committed to the “2 Week Program”.


Carrie really was the miracle we were looking for. If you knew our little boy before and then spent time with him now, you would think he was a different child. I can only speak of our experience and the wonderful transformation to our son. All of his behavioural issues like melt downs, anger outbursts, aggressive nature, defiance, frustration, hyperactivity, negative attention seeking behaviours are gone! He is now emotionally stable, calm, affectionate and a VERY happy little boy. He truly is at peace. For the first time since becoming a mother 4 years ago, I now can relate to other mothers and how lovely it is to be a parent. It’s challenging, but not impossible, like it was before . The bond that my son and I are now finally getting a chance to create, is just so special. Friends and family can not believe the difference in him. I'll forever be so thankful for Carrie's help. She’s allowed my son to really shine in all of his positive ways.


I also had the pleasure of personally experiencing what Carrie does and the changes in myself are just as extraordinary. I feel so different from before, so much calmer and more at peace. I believe it is so beneficial to follow Carrie’s intuitive guidance, she truly has an extraordinary gift and I would trust her suggestions completely now having witnessed the transformation in my son and having experienced it personally.


C. Kelly. Brisbane, Australia.